A 48-Hour event created and hosted by
Hellocomputer & Draftfcb

Solving a brief by facing off combined teams of sharp tech minds and top-shelf creatives, to bend, force or break old conventions, and create something new and innovative out of the chaos. We hold Hacks tri-annually, with some decent prize money up for grabs: unmarked bills, the likes of which would impress Castro. If you’re keen and have a crew ready for the challenge, sign up.

The Event & Teams

We'll supply the Wi-Fi, caffeine and a basement with mood lighting. You bring the tools, tech and creative magic, and end the weekend with an awesome working prototype.

All teams should include 5 people or more. Keep your group diverse, the A-team got it right, and so can you. Phone up all your dev buddies, techies, propeller-heads, creatives, and artists. Get everyone together and submit your crew by the 6th of May.

Where: 164 / Katherine Street / Sandton
Begins: Eighteen-hundred-hours / 9th of May
Ends and Winners announced: Eighteen-hundred-hours / 11th May




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If you have any questions about the site, the next Hack or how you can get in on a slice of the Hack cake, leave us a mail.

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